Cool Companions

Trainer’s companions and must-haves. Generally cool, and just indispensable for online training.

Google Classroom

Post or plan notes, films or files. Use G Forms to prepare useful tasks (but not tests, tests suck).


Telling Stories – challenging 😊 😊

Numbers, Letters, Words, Cards

QR Codes

Use QR codes to facilitate the training.


Make your own exercises or look up already created free worksheets and tasks:

Agenda Web

Locate countless online practice exercises for all possible structures and skills.


Roulette wheels, matching, quiz shows, etc. Colourful and varied. The simplest random card game can make any revision cool – just put words or questions into the template. Hundreds of ready made exercises.

Learning Apps

Neat, varied. Easy to use. Matching, gaps and multiple choices. You can embed a video and prepare an interesting quiz.

iSL Collective

Choose one of countless worksheets – lots of conversation practice. You can embed a video and generate a quiz based on it!


Tons of interactive online practice exercises. Great support for A1, A2 courses.


A smart application for vocabulary practice. Students create their own flashcards, revise vocabulary and can download an mp3 file with the pronunciation of their words!
This app can pick cool words from a text and a www site and make flashcards with them.



Make your own presentations with explanations of language structures. Prepare a slide show or make a video from it. Super fun.



Make your own graphics with explanations or examples of language structures. You can find lots of ideas browsing through the templates and then polish them up in Corel or some other stuff.

Board games

Make boardgames with your choice of images.

Social Media


Find games and worksheets with the use of Pinterest graphic search engine. Pin useful and favourite sources to your board.


Look up and recommend useful accounts posting advanced vocabulary to B2, C1, C2 Students.


Look up interesting accounts which post intriguing facts about the English language for your Students to follow. – funny word of the day – word of the day

Tik Tok

Yes, a lot of trainers post interesting materials in the form of short videos. Also, you can find a number of short films on a specific topic. Add them to your favourites or find tik tok films on Pinterest for Students of different levels – put them on boards for convenience.